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Marc Coloma Heura Foods

Justice-oriented by default, Marc was a very angry kid. “I was frustrated with seeing injustices, and couldn’t stand to see the way we treated animals and our planet,” he recalls of his early start to activism. In fact, he left high school to lead international animal rights organizations to fight for what he believed in.

I transformed my anger into creating Heura as a vehicle for change.

Marc Coloma Heura Foods
Image courtesy of Heura Foods

They did achieve victories: changed laws and closed farms that were operating illegally. “But the scale of our impact wasn’t enough to make the problem disappear.” He soon realized that the food system as a whole was broken and needed solutions. So, he turned his anger into building one. “Fast forward 5 years, and we are now Europe’s fastest growing plant-based food tech company with a mission to become the net-positive food champion by 2028 – one that gives back more than it takes,” he shares proudly about Heura.

The company he and his co-founder Bernat Añaños started in April 2017 in Barcelona was born to bring a solution that will leave the current food system obsolete and accelerate the shift to a world where the animals are out of the meat production equation. In fact, they don’t call their products meat “alternatives.” They call them meat successors – foods that are better for the people, planet, and animals. According to Innova Market Insights 2022 trends reports, as people become more conscious, the plant-based movement will no longer be perceived as a trend, but as a new normal.

Non-conformism and good vibes are the Mediterranean heritage I got from my parents.

The general advice for the industry would then be to work on effective communications about the benefits of plant-based diets, both from a sustainability and health point of view. “And effective communication starts with listening,” Marc knows. “It’s about building effective bridges from your vision of the future to the current context. My advice is to share, listen, and refine before aiming for all-outreach,” he says of his experience. 

How does he cope, personally? “Both mental and physical health are deeply connected, and so I try to treat my body the best I can with my daily actions.” From exercising at least five times a week to eating foods that are nutrient-dense and help him stay healthy, he follows a routine that keeps him active and happy. True to his Mediterranean nature, he turns to swimming in the sea as a great way to disconnect from daily worries and connect with nature.

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“Seeing the impact my actions have had and continue to have in the current food system. When we started in 2017, nobody thought that two dreamers from Barcelona would achieve anything relevant, and now, it brings me immense joy to see that my efforts have paid off. We are proving that you can have a 100% plant-based diet without sacrificing health or taste, and this is everything to me.”

Regardless of the industry, I would probably still be an activist. Social injustices are everywhere, and I have always had the need to fight for what is right. In this life, I chose to fight for a better food system.

“I will go with two people: my mom and dad. They have shaped me into the person I am today, and I will always look up to them for their strong values. My mom is responsible for my work ethic – she taught me the importance of always doubling down and going the extra mile to fight for your beliefs and enable progress; a real non-conformist at heart. My father, on the other hand, always reminded me of the importance of letting go and enjoying the process – to love the little details and navigate changes with a smile; the embodiment of good vibes.”

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