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Ofek Ron Plantish
Ofek Ron Plantish
Ofek Ron Plantish

Founded in 2021, Plantish consists of foodie scientists on a mission to create boneless fish whole-cuts made entirely out of plants – no bones, no mercury, no compromise!

More than 11 years ago, Ofek became vegan for the need to protect animals; being a founding board member of Vegan-Friendly, for many years and seeing the issues with the seafood industry, he knew he wanted to make a greater dent. He then went on to create Plantish because our oceans are overfished, “and if we don’t do anything to stop it, we will find ourselves with an empty ocean, and we are here to change that.” He wanted people to be able to consume the best seafood in the world without hurting a single fish or themselves through the consumption of antibiotics, hormones, mercury, or compromising on their ethical values.

Our dream is to get people as excited about vegan fish as they are about plant-based meat and dairy.

Photo by Shahaf Beger

“There is no brand like Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, or Oatly for fish, and we want to be that company that will get people raving about a product that is unbelievably delicious while also changing the world,” he plans. The company has developed a 100 percent plant-based salmon filet that replicates every aspect of conventional fish, made from legume proteins and algae extracts and 3D printed in a cutting-edge, patent-pending technology.

Ofek’s conscious habit is to spend time with his daughters every night before they go to sleep. “It is very important for me that I continue to be a big part of their lives and keep that routine every day.” For both mental and physical health, he tries to incorporate exercise during the day, despite sometimes not wanting to: “Sometimes it’s hard to force yourself to do it even if you find a hobby or a sport you love, but it’s a must.”

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Quinoa salad.

“I’d be the superhero of compassion – is that a thing?”