Niccolo Galizzi

Niccolo Galizzi Revo Foods
Niccolo Galizzi Revo Foods
Niccolo Galizzi Revo Foods

Niccolo leads a product development team in the creation of never-before-seen vegan seafood. Founded in 2020, Revo Foods provides delicious seafood made of plants through high-precision 3D food printing. Their work has the potential to revolutionize the whole-cut market using the new optimized mycoprotein. One of the main advantages of mycoprotein is its inherent fibrous structure that perfectly mimics soft fish – something that’s been difficult to achieve with current plant-protein processing techniques.

Many countries, such as mine on the Mediterranean Sea, are still very bound to their food traditions.

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Niccolo met the Revo founders in his previous role as a savory application technologist in the flavor business. “It didn’t take long to realize where my natural interest for startups and my consciousness for environmental ethics would lead me,” he admits. He and his team are now responsible for many promising releases, including plant-based smoked salmon and a variety of fish spreads. “I really hope to make an impact in creating tasty vegan food that has people fully enjoy their meals while drastically reducing their fish consumption at the same time,” he continues. He knows that in Italy, where he comes from, food culture revolves around traditional meals and “vegan products are not valued enough yet.” He’d bet on the fish and seafood segment, and especially 3D printing, to be the future of the plant-based industry: “With all the vegan burgers around, it’s about time we also had top-notch salmon filet or tuna sashimi.”

Something to know about Niccolo is that he is very introspective and deeply interested in human psychology. “I am naturally curious and always ask myself many questions or analyze situations that did not go as well as expected, always striving to do better the next time.” Niccolo knows himself well, and has strategies to combat overthinking: “I know when to take it easy, and go to bed with some good infusion tea and a melatonin pill.” The next day, he sees more clearly and often consults possible solutions with someone who can help him.

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“I am a fan of Oumph! Kebab and Planted Skewer. Yummy!”

Memories of a Geisha; one of my favorites. So introspective, full of beautiful metaphors, and the fruit of a real story: an interview with a reserved person that lived a tough life and yet found meaning in all the unbearable difficulties. She asked for the story to be published only after the death of everyone involved in the book, including herself, to save everyone`s dignity.

“…my superpower would be teleporting! I want to see so many places and visit so many people!”

“I’d make a career working out a deeper connection with my own body – as a dancer, actor, musician, athlete, or something thereof. Standing in the lab or sitting behind my computer for hours and having a smart watch to remind me to stretch, I sometimes feel jealous of all the incredible things dancers can do. “